IT Support for business in Cornwall

For small businesses, the cost involved in maintaining an in-house I.T. department can rarely be justified. However, as a small business, at Primary PC Solutions we understand that I.T. plays a vital role – with modern business methods being heavily reliant on communication.

As a small business, many cannot afford the time and resources necessary to fix problems themselves and, since I.T. Support is essential for any company wanting to succeed, the solution for many is outsourcing. In fact, 47% of businesses now opt for an outsourced I.T. department.

Any time spent rectifying IT problems is a distraction from the business’ core function and impacts on productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

At Primary PC Solutions, we believe in putting the customer first and are committed to always offering exceptional customer service. Our I.T. solutions are selected solely for the benefit of our customers; we have no affiliation to one particular brand – we choose the product that will best suit customer needs and budget.

Initial Consultation

Consultancy is an integral part of the IT support service we offer to our clients. Initially we will arrange a visit to your premises at your convenience and then ask all the right questions in order to obtain a thorough understanding of your system and your requirements. We will also conduct a comprehensive audit to assess your current situation and understand the role I.T. plays in your business.

Once we have the full picture, we can then propose a bespoke solution which is right for you and your business with the services you both need and can afford. This can include services such as calendar sharing, creating shared resource folders and remote working.

Our entire focus is on making your systems robust, scalable, easy to use and provide a return on your investment.

We have 3 key areas of IT support