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Office 365 overtakes Google Apps for Cloud Productivity

Office 365 is heralded as Microsoft’s fastest-growing corporate product ever, its growth has been such that it has now overtaken Google Apps as the number one cloud-based office productivity software on the market. This news comes from a report by cloud security broker Bitglass entitled ‘Cloud Adoption Report Episode II: Attack of the Clouds’.

This gloriously geeky stylised report has looked at nearly 120,000 organisations using cloud based productivity suites such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box. This report has tracked the adoption rate of enterprise cloud applications over the last year and come up with some truly remarkable results.

Office 365, which started 2014 with an adoption rate of just 7.7% has more than tripled its market share to 25.2% in 2015, leading Google Apps by 2.5%.

Overall, cloud-based products experienced huge growth in 2015, with 48% of enterprises now using a cloud-based productivity & email suite, up from 28% in 2014.

Here at Primary PC Solutions, we’ve seen a phenomenal uptake on Office 365 in the small and midmarket arena with more and more businesses moving to this cost-effective and robust solution. We’ve even seen a lot more home users switching to Office 365 for Home as well, especially for families with multiple computers/tablets/laptops this can be an incredibly cheap way to get Office on all of your devices.

If you’re interested in Office 365 or if you’d like to know more, please feel free to drop in and speak to one of our Engineers!